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Last week, during one of the worst storms in the city’s history, the staff at New York Magazine was relocated from their downtown offices, which had lost power, to a temporary office in midtown to produce its issue. At 3 p.m. on Tuesday, editor-in-chief Adam Moss called an emergency meeting to start brainstorming ideas to fill out a lineup for an issue that would go to press on Friday.

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Photographer Iwan Baan on How He Shot That Haunting Half-Dark New York City Photo from the Sky – Inhabitat

“I knew I wanted to capture these two cities – one, a vibrant and pulsating Manhattan that we recognize so vividly, and its antonym – a life-less city turned pitch-black and ominous,” writes photographer Iwan Baan about the Hurricane Sandy aftermath photo that everyone has been talking about. The almost unbelievable image appeared on the cover of the latest edition of New York Magazine with a small overlay reading “The City and the Storm” and captivated the nation with its unique vantage point of a half-dark city. As you can imagine, though, it was no easy feat to capture this once-in-a-lifetime (hopefully) shot. Read on to see what Mr. Baan wrote to us about what he had to go through to get this picture worth a million words.

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Architizer Exclusive: How Iwan Baan Got That Phenomenal Aerial Shot Of Sandy-Stricken NYC

Iwan Baan, one of Architizer‘s A+ Award jurors, is always going somewhere. Over the last six years with camera and computer in tow, he has earned the privilege to travel from dense Caracas to abandoned western China to sprawling Los Angeles — all in a week’s work to photograph new buildings and the way people move in, through, and around them.

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Top Photography Magazine Cover

“Jody Quon, the photography director, and her team, saw a version of this picture in their collective heads, and sent Iwan Baan high over New York in a helicopter to try to get it. But when the picture came in, I think we were all startled by just how viscerally it illustrated the divisions we were trying to describe, at some length, in the magazine; also by its beauty. The picture wasn’t at all easy to get, and Baan just nailed it — as message and art.”
-Adam Moss, Editor-in-Chief, New York Magazine

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The new book for the exhibition White Cube, Green Maze is out

Spanning four continents and six countries, this book introduces ‘new art landscapes’ that fuse architecture, the reuse of found structures, environmentalism, and artistic experimentation. Through words and pictures, readers explore six institutions – Olympic Sculpture Park, Seattle, USA; Raketenstation Hombroich, near Neuss, Germany; Benesse Art Site in Naoshima, Japan; Inhotim, near Belo Horizonte, Brazil; Jardin Botanico, Culiacan, Mexico; and Grand Traiano Art Complex, Grottaferrata, Italy – dedicated to the experience of culture and nature. Integrating vegetation and non-linear sequences of spaces, the sites offer multiple experiences enticing the visitor to circulate between and within buildings.

Iwan Baan, one of today’s most influential architectural photographers, thoughtfully documents each project. In addition to his stunning images, the sites are depicted with architects’ plans and sketches, historical photographs, and maquettes and sketches by key installation artists. Raymund Ryan’s insightful essay discusses important historical precedents and considers the defining characteristics of ‘new art landscapes’ through descriptions of each of the projects. Brian O’Doherty offers an artist’s critical perspective, while Marc Treib situates the projects in the history of landscape design Architects under consideration include such established masters as Tadao Ando and Alvaro Siza Vieira as well as emerging practices such as Tatiana Bilbao and Johnston Marklee.

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