[Feb.2023] Iwan Baan – Vitra x SCAA Tour | SCAA

The SCAA was invited by Vitra to a tour through the Iwan Baan retrospective at the renowned Vitra Design Museum. Set within the iconic Frank Gehry building itself, the exhibition ingeniously melded with the architecture and light, creating a fascinating interplay between Baan’s captivating photography and the dynamic… Continue reading

Exhibition review ‘Iwan Baan: Moments in Architecture’ in Casa BRUTUS Japan

建築写真のトップランナーとして知られるオランダの写真家イワン・バーンの初の回顧展『Iwan Baan: Moments in Architecture』が現在、ドイツの〈ヴィトラ デザイン ミュージアム〉で開催中だ。有名建築家の作品だけでは… Exhibition review ‘Iwan Baan: Moments in Architecture’ in Casa BRUTUS Japan Source: 建築のストーリーテラー、 イワン・バーンの撮る写真の世界。 | カーサ ブルータス Casa BRUTUS… Continue reading

Architecture Books – Week 5/2024 – by John Hill

This week’s newsletter starts and ends with books related to Iwan Baan, the superstar photographer who is the subject of a retrospective exhibition at the Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein, Germany. In between are new releases and headlines, and Friday is Groundhog Day…again. Source: Architecture… Continue reading

Architektura w obiektywie Iwan Baan

Iwan Baan fotografuje dzieła największych, jak Rem Koolhaas czy Toyo Itō, ale i ludzkie siedliska tworzone własnym sumptem. Nigdy jednak nie są to po prostu zdjęcia zabudowań. – Interesuje mnie, jak budynek czy miasto zakorzeniają się w swoim otoczeniu niczym drzewa – mówi holenderski fotograf, który wywarł ogromny… Continue reading

Moments in Architecture – Design Miami/ · Design Miami

Over the past twenty years, Dutch photographer Iwan Baan has circled the globe capturing images that reveal the myriad ways we construct—and respond to—our built environments. Fueled by an intuitive eye and a fascination with the confluence of people and places, Baan’s photographs document architectural achievements, from iconic… Continue reading

Inside the Refreshed Arkansas Museum of Fine Art

Overhauling a confusing warren of seven buildings added in a disorganized fashion to the Arkansas Museum of Fine Art in Little Rock since its opening in 1937 involved multiple interventions, from an addition to sensitive renovations, totaling 133,000 square feet. For Studio Gang, the key to unlocking the… Continue reading

Iwan Baan: Unique Architecture Exhibition at VITRA | Atmosfera Mag

Humanity & Architecture: The Iwan Baan Perspective Digital media has transformed the fields of photography and architecture in the last thirty years. Iwan Baan is the photographer who has influenced these changes the most. His photography is fast, accurate, and sharp – and it can also be profoundly… Continue reading

Junya Ishigami’s Zaishui Art Museum Nimbly Extends Across a Lake in China’s Shandong Province | Architectural Record

A single line slicing down the middle of a manmade lake, the Zaishui Art Museum is as bold as it is breathtaking. This stark, elegant form stands out against the blue-green water. Yet its scaleless simplicity harmonizes beautifully with the setting, yielding a delicate marriage of architecture and… Continue reading

A throbbing neon powerhouse: Hong Kong’s gigantic new billboard – with a nice museum attached | Architecture | The Guardian

By night, the Hong Kong skyline is one giant electric rainbow, a riot of twinkling, swirling lights. Some of its towers carry pixellated messages across their facades. Others throb with the logos of businesses and banks. But one illuminated sign now stands out from the rest. This big… Continue reading

Photographer Iwan Baan on moments of architecture exhibition at the Vitra Museum | Frankfurter Allgemeine FAZ

Iwan Baan ist einer der bedeutensten Architekturfotografen der Welt. Nun zeigt das Vitra Design Museum seine wichtigsten Bilder. Im Interview erklärt er, dass es ihm nie nur um Fotos eines Gebäudes geht. In the mass of more than 700 photos exhibited, it is clear that Baan superficially… Continue reading

Here are 16 architecture and design books to look out for in 2024

AN editors have rounded up a few of the architecture and design books slated for publication this year. Rome – Las Vegas: Bread and Circuses Iwan Baan | Lars Müller Publishers | $53.00 2024 Source: Here are 16 architecture and design books to look… Continue reading

Iwan Baan Is Breaking Through Architecture’s Leading Lines | Observer

…Just as Koolhaas revolutionized modern architecture, Baan broke the convention of idealized and mostly deserted architectural photographs by inviting human beings into the frame with sensitivity and vivid realism. “I had no idea about architecture,” Baan told Observer, speaking of his beginnings as a professional documentary photographer specializing in… Continue reading