Look Inside the World Trade Center’s Extraordinary New Performing Arts Center – Galerie

Sheathed in richly veined marble, the cube-shaped theater complex was designed by architecture firm Rex and features interiors by Rockwell Group Source: Look Inside the World Trade Center’s Extraordinary New Performing Arts Center – Galerie… Continue reading

Mirage sculpture at Apple Park creates verdant wonderland | Wallpaper

Mirage is a new public sculpture by the artist Katie Paterson and the architects Zeller & Moye. Set amidst the landscaping that surrounds Apple Park in Cupertino, it consists of over four hundred glass columns snaking through the olive grove that surrounds the HQ’s visitor centre. Source:… Continue reading

Blue Dream is a contemporary house in the Hamptons | Wallpaper

Blue Dream is a house in the Hamptons. Nestled in the dunes behind Two Mile Hollow beach in East Hampton, the project is the culmination of a long, long design and construction process. This new monograph, authored by architecture critic Paul Goldberger, tells the story of Blue Dream,… Continue reading

Inside the Perelman Performing Arts Center, Ground Zero’s new glowing

The Perelman Performing Arts Center is the last major piece of the Ground Zero puzzle. Source: Inside the Perelman Performing Arts Center, Ground Zero’s new glowing… Continue reading

Flexibility Takes Center Stage at REX’s Perelman Center | Architectural Record

In 2003, in the essay “Delirious No More,” Rem Koolhaas cast the planned rebuilding of the World Trade Center as a death knell for the feverish experimentalism he had so enthusiastically chronicled 25 years earlier in Delirious New York. In the gargantuan scale and literal symbolism of Daniel… Continue reading

Ground Zero’s New Performing Arts Center Is a Glowing Jewel 22 Years in the Making

In the months following the September 11 attacks, architects, planners, and developers began the formidable task of reimagining what a future World Trade Center site could hold. For two decades, a new cultural center was a cornerstone of that vision. But it wouldn’t be an easy path forward. Continue reading

A first look inside the dynamic, beautiful theater opening near the World Trade Center – Time Out New York

“Out of the ashes, something new, something wonderful has risen.” It’s impossible not to hear the echoes of 9/11 at the Perelman Performing Arts Center. The sound of water rushing into the memorial pools fills the air as guests walk up the front steps to the theater in the shadow of One… Continue reading

A Spectacular Marble Cube Rises at Ground Zero – The New York Times

The new Perelman Performing Arts Center is the most glamorous civic building to land in New York in years.The official ribbon cutting is on Wednesday. You may have noticed the building under construction if you were near the World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan during the past year… Continue reading

PAC NYC: A new cultural center completes the renewal of New York’s ground zero | U.S. | EL PAÍS English

The latest addition to the cultural life of New York will also play a therapeutic and symbolic role: that of physically closing the wound of 9/11 in the skin of the city. The Perelman Performing Arts Center, also known as PAC NYC, opens its doors this September in… Continue reading

PAC NYC Announces Lenape Exhibit and New Civic Alliances

The Perelman Performing Arts Center (PAC NYC) announced civic alliances in advance of opening later this month, as part of its mission to enrich the lives of New Yorkers through the arts. Executive Director Khady Kamara and Artistic Director Bill Rauch made the announcement as the group prepares… Continue reading

PAC NYC is a beacon of simplicity at Ground Zero | Financial Times

The World Trade Center site is a mess. All that discussion, all that discourse, the heart-rending and hand-wringing in the end resulted in a hypercommercial cluster of banal towers with the dazzling white monstrous rib cage of Santiago Calatrava’s transportation hub at its core.On the other… Continue reading

Final piece in the Ground Zero puzzle

World Trade Center’s new $500m arts venue, the Perelman Performing Arts Center, opens in September with performances by Laurie Anderson and others Source: Final piece in the Ground Zero puzzle… Continue reading