Argo Factory: Contemporary Art Museum & Cultural Centre by Ahmadreza Schricker Architecture – North | 2021-11-22 | Architectural Record

Enriched with historic houses and old buildings turned into vibrant coffee shops and new galleries, revitalized parts of Tehran are responding to an emerging generation of artists and art seekers looking for spaces to gather, socialize, and create. Argo Factory: Contemporary Art Museum & Cultural Centre is one such venue, a nearly 100-year-old abandoned factory […]

Bocconi University by SANAA | 2021-11-01 | Architectural Record

Founded in 1902, Milan’s Bocconi University has undergone numerous expansions and renovations over the years. But its latest addition—full of curves and covered in a shimmery metallic skin—is a radical departure from the axial relationships and rectilinear volumes typical of the campus. This time, the school, which specializes in business, opted for a grouping of […]

Lessen in nederigheid en toekomstbestendig ontwerpen – De Architect

In Dig it! graven architect Bjarne Mastenbroek (SeARCH) en fotograaf Iwan Baan diep in de overwegend westerse architectuurgeschiedenis op zoek naar ingenieuze architectuurprojecten waarin architectuur en landschap zich op verschillende manieren tot elkaar verhouden. Zij reflecteren op 112 projecten, onderverdeeld in zes ‘strategieën’ – ingegraven, ingebed, of juist volledig absorberend, interactieve spiraalvorm, uitgehakt of nagebootst […]

Señor de Tula Sanctuary by Dellekamp/Schleich + AGENdA | Architectural Record

The massive earthquake that struck central Mexico in 2017 devastated communities, including Jojutla, an inland municipality about 90 miles south of the nation’s capital. As multiple government agencies addressed its critical loss of homes and infrastructure, Infonavit—a federal organization that usually focuses on workers’ housing—recognized the pressing need to rebuild public spaces as part of […]