The House: The Waken Desire

The House: The Waken Desire critically examines the latent assumptions or incentives driving the contemporary architectural image, and how the photographic process can rather be employed in favor of the people who will inhabit the spaces. This collection of student work seeks alternatives to the practice of either neglecting people from the architectural image or populating a render with reductive, stereotype-driven stock imagery. The first stage of this pursuit produced a series of photographs that focus on domestic space by way inhabitants’ daily activities and particularities. The studio’s final project was the design of a house, each of which presents a synthetic family portrait that depicts real needs, desires, and habituated customs.

The House: The Waken Desire is a Studio Report from the Fall 2018 semester at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design based on an option studio of the same name taught by Tatiana Bilbao and Iwan Baan.

First published by the Harvard University Graduate School of Design, Spring 2019

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Softcover: 144 pages

Publisher: Harvard University Graduate School of Design, Spring 2019

Language: English

ISBN 978-1-934510-76-6

Product Dimensions: 17 x 24.5 cm