The Serpentine Pavilion 2023 is unveiled | Wallpaper

As the Serpentine Pavilion 2023 completes and prepares to open its doors to the public later this week, there’s hope that this spring’s few, timid days of sunshine in London will make for a slow-burn, warmer summer. And once temperatures rise – and even if not – the… Continue reading

Iwan Baan Captures the Story of Prague | Scale

World-renowned architecture photographer Iwan Baan showcases his urban pilgrimage through the streets of Prague in an exhibition at the Centre for Architecture and Metropolitan Planning (CAMP) in Prague that runs till August 20, 2023.  Iwan Baan: Prague Dairy exhibition shows the city as raw, often neglected,… Continue reading

First look at Lina Ghotmeh’s 2023 Serpentine pavilion

Ghotmeh’s temporary summer structure in Kensington Gardens, London, is the 22nd in the gallery’s ongoing series of annual architectural commissions, which began in 2000 with Zaha Hadid (see full list of previous designers below). Source: First look at Lina Ghotmeh’s 2023 Serpentine pavilion… Continue reading

New Serpentine Pavilion is a delicate wonder of light spirits | Financial Times

Looking down on the newly built Serpentine Pavilion from the roof of the neighbouring gallery, it resembles one of those paper umbrellas you get on top of a more lurid cocktail. But it also contains an echo of the former Dell restaurant a little way along the banks… Continue reading

Concrete caves and extravagant butterflies in the American Museum of Natural History’s extension | Financial Times

Before her new bit of the building was slotted in, the museum was a little like the assault course devised by the entomologists for those ants: a challenging series of dead ends, dingy connecting links populated by dusty vitrines and odd corridors. A few hours before the extension… Continue reading

A Portal to Mountain Majesty: Montana’s Tippet Rise Art Center | Architect Magazine

It is difficult to capture the majesty of Tippet Rise Art Center, a 12,500-acre ranch in Montana that hosts both performance and sculptural art, in photographs. I sensed as much when the first images of the sculptures the owners, Cathy and Peter Halstead, commissioned there started appearing… Continue reading

Hermès Opens Leather Atelier in Normandy Designed by Lina Ghotmeh – Galerie

With a masterful design by Paris-based architect Lina Ghotmeh, one of Galerie’s 2021 Creative Minds, the new Hermès leather atelier in Normandy perfectly encapsulates the French luxury brand’s twin commitments to sustainability and craftsmanship. Clad in over 500,000 locally-produced bricks, the innovative workshop is the second site in… Continue reading

Dutch Photographer Iwan Baan Speaks at NYCxDesign Ahead of a Retrospective at Germany’s Vitra Design Museum | Architectural Record

Opening this fall, the show is the first of its kind for Baan, a preeminent documentarian of the global built environment whose work has been featured in countless books and exhibitions but never with such an expansive scope, one that considers both his widely published architectural photography and… Continue reading

The Gilder Age | Martin Filler | The New York Review of Books

The American Museum of Natural History’s new Richard Gilder Center for Science, Education, and Innovation completes that venerable teaching and research Source: The Gilder Age | Martin Filler | The New York Review of Books… Continue reading

American Museum of Natural History’s soaring, $465m new science centre opens

The new Gilder Center, designed by architecture firm Studio Gang to resemble a towering canyon, adds 230,000 sq. ft and some clarity to the museum’s vast Manhattan campus Source: American Museum of Natural History’s soaring, $465m new science centre opens… Continue reading

Bold, natural forms make up the architecture of the American Museum of

The Gilder Center at the American Museum of Natural History in NYC builds science metaphors into its structure. Source: Bold, natural forms make up the architecture of the American Museum of… Continue reading

‘iwan baan: prague diary’ exhibition unfolds as an urban pilgrimage

Elaborating on the content of the photographs, Ondřej Boháč, Director of the Prague Institute of Planning and Development
, writes: ‘Iwan Baan does not limit his photographs of Prague merely to notorious and sought-after locations but focuses also on the neglected ones. He also maps important brownfields such as… Continue reading