BV Doshi’s iconic architecture captured by Iwan Baan

One of the world’s most significant architectural photographers tours Ahmedabad and Bengaluru to capture the most iconic projects of BV Doshi

Source: BV Doshi’s iconic architecture captured by Iwan Baan

“I’ve known of BV Doshi’s work since my first trip to Ahmedabad in 1999, when I visited his Amdavad ni Gufa. But I only met him about a year ago. We wanted to collaborate on a larger documentation of his work — how it has changed and been adapted over time — maybe for a book. So when AD presented the opportunity to photograph his key projects in his home town (and Bengaluru), I couldn’t let it pass. I saw how Doshi’s designs became a framework for living, and offered the possibility for many people to change their lives at the Life Insurance Corporation Housing project. And I really enjoyed my time at his office, Sangath, of course! Doshi’s style is marked by an honesty, a realness, that is always evident. When so much architecture, these days, is about layers of ‘veneer’ over some kind of framework, and architectural elements from a catalogue put together, I feel there is much to learn from BV Doshi’s simplicity, in terms of real materials and spaces.” – Iwan Baan.