Iwan Baan, l’attimo è decisivo – Giornale dell’Architettura

In mostra al Vitra Design Museum l’attività del fotografo olandese che ha colto le aspettative degli occhi del XXI secolo

Approaching architecture almost casually, as an outsider, with a look uninfluenced by history and criticism, Baan immediately understood how interesting this was because it held together various aspects of human life: architecture as a point of union of people, places and environment. He considers architecture above all as a process and a social force. After all, architecture is made by and for people, so instead of simply doing the portrait of buildings, document their lives.

Walking through the halls you can enjoy more than 700 photographs printed on various media, rigid or soft, from adhesive film, to fabric, to plates, framed or borderless, plus almost 2,000 digital images in rhythmic sequences, in screens distributed or projected on the walls. A beautiful publication full of illustrations complements knowledge with in-depth essays.

Source: Iwan Baan, l’attimo è decisivo – Giornale dell’Architettura