Iwan Baan’s Photo Exhibition is a Journey into Architecture | Living – Corriere della Sera

‘The important thing is to tell a story,’ says Iwan Baan, a Dutch photographer known primarily for the images that reveal life and the interactions that take place within the architecture. His work is on display until March 3, 2024 at the Vitra Design Museum, the building signed by Frank Gehry, one of the many places of worship that dot the Vitra Campus, Wonderland of every lover of design and architecture.

Curated by Mea Hoffmann, the first major retrospective dedicated to Baan is an extraordinary overview of his work, from the works of well-known contemporary architects, including Rem Koolhaas, Herzog & de Meuron, Sanaa, BIG, Zaha Hadid, to the shots in which Baan captures moments of life in and around buildings, up to the documentation of informal architecture, such as the circular village in China, the rock church in Ethiopia, the David Tower in Caracas.

Baan deeply believes in the narrative power of images. He is not interested in portraying buildings as entities separated by time, but rather in capturing the moments when architecture comes to life, when projects are formed. In the exhibition, two types of building are thus combined: the perfect one, the protagonist of the work commissioned by important designers, and the one in progress, immortalized in its growth as in a timelapse, starting from the foundations and the structural skeleton.

Source: Iwan Baan’s Photo Exhibition is a Journey into Architecture | Living