Gratitude Open Chapel, Ruta Peregrino Mexico – Tatiana Bilbao, Derek Dellekamp

Mexican practices Tatiana Bilbao and Dellekamp Arquitectos have collaborated to complete the ‘gratitude open chapel’, a site in lagunillas along the holy pilgrimmage route ‘Ruta del Peregrino’ which stretches from Ameca to Talpa de Allende, Mexico.

The ‘wall of promises’ invites individuals to leave behind a symbolic object, image or piece of writing expressing gratitude or compliments. the tall monoliths cast long shadows, which shift during the day, obstructing the once sun bathed terrain.

Further Viewing
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Gratitude Open Chapel by Dellekamp Arquitectos – Tatiana Bilbao
The pilgrimage From Ameca to Talpa de Allende, Jalisco, Mexico