Richard Neutra in Europe: Buildings and Projects 1960-70

Large, custom-built models, specifically for display purposes and of all of Richard Neutra’s ten buildings, are flanked by large-spread photographs and a wealth of plans, drawings, historical photographs and further documents from the estate in Los Angeles in order to bring to light a new and important chapter in European architectural history. With the Austrian-born Richard Neutra, a pupil of Adolf Loos, the modern age took a turn back to Europe and formed the basis of a series of almost iconic pictures of an architectonic “American way of life” here. In Switzerland after 1945, as well as in West Germany during the post-war period, Richard Neutra assumed a central role in European building work, even if he was still referred to as “famous amongst connoisseurs” (Manfred Sack) in 1994.

8 May – 1 August, 2010
Solo Exhibition

Martha Herford Museum – Herford, Germany