Señor de Tula Sanctuary by Dellekamp/Schleich + AGENdA | Architectural Record

The massive earthquake that struck central Mexico in 2017 devastated communities, including Jojutla, an inland municipality about 90 miles south of the nation’s capital. As multiple government agencies addressed its critical loss of homes and infrastructure, Infonavit—a federal organization that usually focuses on workers’ housing—recognized the pressing need to rebuild public spaces as part of the healing process. “It was a brilliant and unexpected insight,” says architect Derek Dellekamp, principal of Dellekamp/Schleich (now Dellekamp Arquitectos). Infonavit—in collaboration with community-development agencies and other organizations—produced an urban-reconstruction plan and commissioned Dellekamp and AGENdA Agencia de Arquitectura, a Colombia-based architectural firm, to codesign a chapel on a prominent site: in a centuries-old sacred-buildings precinct, alongside Jojutla’s main plaza.

Source: Señor de Tula Sanctuary by Dellekamp/Schleich + AGENdA | 2021-11-10 | Architectural Record