Song Through 21st Century Eyes – Yaozhou & Qingbai Ceramic

Meijering Art Books, Dreumel 2009

Song China Through 21st Century Eyes discusses Song Dynasty Yaozhou and Qingbai ceramics. Ilustrated from one of the finest private collections in the world, it is authored by the world-renowned authority on Chinese ceramics Rose Kerr. This book looks at two very distinct ceramic types, that were greatly admired in China at the time of their manufacture. It acts as an introduction to two important Chinese kilns and their products, but goes on to place the ceramics in their historical, geographical, economic and social contexts, using the latest research from both China and the West. How were ceramics used, where were they employed and who owned them? How were they made, and where were they sold? Why are Yaozhou and Qingbai ceramics treasured by connoisseurs? All these questions and more are addressed in the text. Abundantly illustrated with pictures, details and marks of pieces in the collection, the text is amplified with pictures from historical sources, and by beautiful new photographs of contemporary China by Iwan Baan

Meijering Art Books
By Rose Kerr ; design Irma Boom
Photography Iwan Baan
Size 199 x 250 x 45
Number of pages 456 p
ISBN 978 90 79920 01 3

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