The book Superkilen celebrates the dawn of a new type of urban public space. Designed by BIG, TOPOTEK1 and SUPERFLEX, Superkilen is a kilometre-long urban park wedged within one of the most ethnically diverse and socially challenged neighbourhoods in Denmark. The project triggers the imagination, exploring the idea of a plural “we” and advocating for community as a collective experience of otherness. Superkilen is composed of globally-sourced objects from 60 different countries – the 60 nationalities of the people inhabiting the area surrounding it – ranging from exercise gear from muscle beach Los Angeles to sewage drains from Israel, palm trees from China and neon signs from Qatar and Russia. This book invites readers behind the scenes of the making of Superkilen, through the reflections of its creators, and discusses the project’s relationship with changes in the conception of public space and with the increasing expectations of public investments. More…

First published by Arvinius + Orfeus Publishing, Stockholm

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News coverage:

  • Copenhagen Post: Nørrebro urban park wins Aga Khan Award for Architecture, October 4, 2016
  • Arch Daily: Superkilen / Topotek 1 + BIG Architects + Superflex, October 25, 2012
  • Architect Magazine: Superkilen, May 10, 2016
  • Architonic: The park of parks: Copenhagen’s Superkilen, April 5, 2013

Flexicover: 224 pages

Publisher: Arvinius + Orfeus Publishing (October 15, 2013)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 9187543028

ISBN-13: 978-9187543029

Product dimensions: 9.1 x 0.9 x 10.7 inches