Winner – AIGA 50 Books | 50 Covers of 2022 – selbstverständlich, Akris – A Century in Fashion

The impressive, understated history of Akris is expressed in the title of the book. ‘Selbstverständlich’ is the German expression which, in the mind of Albert Kriemler, best encapsulates the aesthetic ideal that he wishes to accomplish with his fashion designs. For the creative director at Akris, the embodiment of natural modernity is ‘selbstverständlich’ – evident in the wearer and the use and functionality of the clothes.

The publication encompasses the house’s hundred-year history: its humble beginnings as an apron atelier, its ascent into the world of high fashion and its rootedness in St. Gallen, center of a once booming Swiss textile industry. The backbone of the book is a defile of the collections since 2004, with comments by the designer Albert Kriemler, who offers insights into his inspirations from art and architecture. Further contributions from different authors explore the history, uniqueness and forward-looking nature of the house. Photo essays by Iwan Baan illustrate its hometown and inside world, starting with a portrait of vintage models from 1979–1992. The tactile and color richness of Akris is interpreted and translated in the materiality and different printing techniques of the book.

Source: AIGA – selbstverständlich, Akris – A Century in Fashion