Glasgow Art School – Steven Holl

“I was first exposed to Mackintosh’s work when a professor of mine gave a lecture about the Glasgow School of Art, and how important it was as a work of modern architecture in 1904. Mackintosh broke ground; made a language; turned his back on history and forged forward for a kind of architecture that he invented. More than anything, I wanted to connect this building sincerely to Mackintosh. I came again and again and I studied all the ways that light comes in the Mackintosh building. I discovered that in the library, there are these three storey elements which we call ‘driven voids of light’ and we transferred that into this idea of concrete driven voids which would hold the building up, bring light and circulate the air. “ – Steven Holl

(Scottish architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh completed the historic main building, although it was tragically damaged by fire in early 2014, 2 months after the opening of the new Glasgow School of Art.)