Second Home Hollywood – Selgas Cano

The new Second Home in Hollywood, is a collection of several recipes and ingredients of a California Cocktail. Second Home Hollywood lays in East Hollywood on a 90,800 square feet site with two existing buildings of which one is maintained with two floors, designed in 1964 by Paul Williams, the first recognized African-American architect working in Los Angeles.

The other one is demolished and, on top of the existing underground parking, a 60 new oval-shaped individual offices and meeting rooms are placed surrounded by a garden that are the coworking spaces for Second Home’s almost 700 people. Four different oval shapes create the 60 bungalow offices of 4 different sizes, that are scattered around the garden built with 4 feet of soil on top of the parking slab, burying the bungalows down to the table height. The transparent curved walls allow 360º horizontal views of the plants, giving the feeling to be working among nature.